Kris Smith Tells Dannii Minogue: ‘Split Was Your Parents Fault’

Danni Minogue was dumped by model boyfriend of four years Kris Smith because he was sick of her parent’s “hands-on” approach to their relationship and their son.

The 33 year-old former rugby player reportedly felt smothered by their constant interference, especially with their 20 months old baby Ethan and “wanted out”.

A friend told The Mirror: “Kris is just an easy-going guy. “He’s not up for all the stuff that goes along with being part of the Minogue corporation.”

The couple, who have been living in the former X Factor star’s native Australia split earlier this week and the 40 year-old is said to have been devastated by her boyfriend’s decision.

Kris’ feelings for the star began to cool after the birth of their son after her parents became more involved.

Danni, who had no idea that Kris was feeling smothered is in hiding with Ethan and her parents as she tries to move on.

“She is devastated by the split.” The source added.