Kris Jenner Says The Whole Family Will Quit Reality Show Together

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Momager Kris Jenner has commented that when it comes time for the family’s reality show to end, they will make a group decision to quit. Kris says that the entire family have already made a pact from day 1 to say that they will only continue working on the show while it’s a fun thing for them to do and if someone isn’t enjoying the experience any more, they’ll end it. She said:

”We made a deal with one another when we shot the first episode that if someone is not having a good time we’ll have to stop, and no one has ever said they’re not having a good time I think we’re having the time of our lives.”

Kris also reveals that the only person who has ever had any reservations regarding appearing on tv was Kourtney Kardashian:

”The only person who had any resistance was Kourtney. She was like, ‘Mum, really?’ In fact, she’s still saying that now.”

Kourtney recently admitted that she used to be unkind to sister Kim when they were younger, even when Kim would put in great effort to win her sister over. Kourtney commented on one particular incident:

”When we were growing up, I could boss Kim around! Once she threw me this party with all my friends at a house in Palm Springs and when I got there everyone was like: ‘Surprise!’ and I was such a little bitch to Kim. The whole weekend I was really mean to her. I was such a bossy older sister!”

Photo: PRPhotos