Kris Jenner responds to critics of her family: We are not ‘greedy’

Kris Jenner wants her fans—and critics—to get a few things straight: She and her family are not greedy, and her daughter Kim’s infamous sex tape is not responsible for her family’s fame. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians matriarch decided to respond to some of the most common critiques of her famous family in a recent interview with New York Times Magazine, giving candid answers about a variety of topics.

First up: the accusations that she and her family are money-hungry. Kris clarified that she and her family are simply hard workers.

“It doesn’t mean that we’re always looking for more or that we’re greedy,” she told the magazine. “There’s a lot of people that have great ideas and dreams and whatnot, but unless you’re willing to work really, really hard, and work for what you want, it’s never going to happen. And that’s what’s so great about the girls. It’s all about their work ethic.”

Kris Jenner admitted she may be controlling but denied being greedy. (Rob Rich/WENN)

Kris Jenner admitted she may be controlling but denied being greedy. (Rob Rich/WENN)

According to Kris, she and her daughters have always been hard workers, which is the real reason they have been able to build such a large fashion and entertainment network. It’s the hard work that got them famous and not Kim Kardashian’s sex tape.

“That was a smaller seed than people seemed to think,” Kris said of Kim’s sex tape with Ray J, which was leaked in 2007. According to Kris, she had already pitched her family’s reality show to producers by that time. Keeping Up with the Kardashians hit the airwaves in October 2007, eight months after Kim’s tape was leaked. While it may have helped Kim become a household name, Kris denies that the tape “bought” her and her families their careers, as some have suggested.

Kris also discussed the rumor that she is controlling. As mom and manager to each of her children, Kris has been called a “momager” (among other things) in the press and been accused of focusing more on money and fame than the well-being of her children. In the interview with New York Times Magazine, she makes no apologies for her behavior, attributing it to her and her family’s success.

“I guess if I get a little weird about something that isn’t the way I want it, and I complain, then it’s called controlling,” she said. “I like everything a certain way. I’m not somebody who can just lay back and let it happen. That’s never going to happen for me. And I think that’s what’s gotten me to where I am in life, at the same time. I can’t turn it on and off.”