Kris Jenner on Kim’s Wedding: “It’ll be Just a Relief to Get it Over With”

Kim Kardashian is getting married (again) but her momager Kris Jenner may finally be over watching her favourite daughter walk down the aisle. Kim is due to marry rapper Kanye West in what is likely to be a wasteful, overly plush ceremony in Paris this summer – but Kris says she’ll be happy when the whole thing is “over with”. Yep, she doesn’t sound that enthused. Kris said that she is most looking forward to sleeping afterwards:

”Probably sleeping when it’s over. We really can’t say a lot just for their privacy right now, but it’ll be nice not to have to keep a secret all the time. It’ll be just a relief to get it over with.”

Perhaps realizing she sounded like she didn’t care about the impending nuptials, Kris added that she is “beyond thrilled” (which sounds like a place where the numbness sets in) and over the moon for Kim and Kanye:

”(I’m) so excited that these two, who are so in love, will be together and married, so we’re beyond thrilled. They’re both so happy, the baby is so happy and they have the most amazing family unit. He is the most amazing daddy and she is a fantastic mom.”

Kris also shot down rumors that she is in talks to take over managing Selena Gomez’s career after the Disney star recently fired her parents as her managers – listen up Kim, lesson to be learned somewhere in that story. Kris said:

”Selena is definitely a gorgeous triple-threat if ever there was one. I admire her and she is amazingly talented. She’s great friends with (her daughters) Kendall and Kylie, and I have no plans to be her manager at this point, but I love you Selena.”