Kris Jenner ‘Offers Kanye West Millions To Marry Kim Kardashian’

Kris Jenner may be angry with Kanye West after he dubbed Kim Kardashian the “perfect b*tch”, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t happy for him to make her money marry her daughter…

Kris Jenner has apparently approached Kanye West with a business offer regarding her duaghter Kim Kardashian’s hand in marriage.


Apparently so. In fact, an insider has told Star magazine that Kim has fled to Mexico to get away from her terrifying controlling mother and her marriage designs.

“She blames Kris for setting up her wedding to pro basketballer Kris Humphries, a man she didn’t really love – and who wasn’t an A-list name.”

Oh. My. God. REALLY!?

There’s no denying that Kanye West is an A-list name and the new power couple have become hot favourites in the press. No wonder that Kris has stepped up her game, offering the rapper $350 million if he would tie the knot with Kim.

“He sees what money Kris can bring to the table… She recently set up another $40 million deal for her daughter’s reality show.”

Kim Kardashian, however, is unwilling to play ball (and chain). Reportedly upset by her mother’s persistent meddling in her lovelife, she has apparently told her mother that she doesn’t want her marriage turned into a business deal again.

It’s not the dark ages, Kris Jenner; sacrificing your daughter to the showbiz gods really isn’t cool. Time to rethink your priorities, we think…