Kris Jenner Freaks Out About “Grandma” Title, Asks to be Called Lovey Instead


Kris Jenner has been a grandmother for quite some time now – ever since her eldest daughter Kourtney welcomed her first son Mason – however, Kim giving birth to daughter North has really brought it home for her and she realized that she doesn’t want to be called “grandma” by any of her kids or grandkids. She has asked everyone to now call her “Lovey” instead, although they still call her husband Bruce grandpa:

”They call me Lovey and Bruce [Jenner, Kris’ husband] is Grandpa. At first I was Grandma and all of a sudden I didn’t like the way that sounded. My mom had a friend named Lovey. I thought that was the cutest name.”

Trying to deny that her relationship with Bruce is over as he recently moved in to his own beach front property, Kris says that it’s nice to have separate places to live but she can see them growing old together:

”It’s a pretty fabulous relationship. We were lucky enough to get a place by the beach. He spends time there back and forth. We all do. I don’t have a crystal ball but I hope we’ll be old and grey together.”