Kris Jenner ‘Disappointed’ With Kanye West’s Baby Announcement

He may have shocked us all with his on-stage announcement that Kim Kardashian is expecting his child, but one person who apparently wasn’t happy with Kanye West’s impromptu revelation was Kim’s mum Kris Jenner.

Momager Kris was apparently “disappointed” that Kanye chose to share the big news on stage during a gig in Atlantic City on December 30.

Kanye decided to reveal the news on a whim to a 5000-strong audience which included Kim, her mother Kris Jenner and members of Kanye’s own family. Whilst Kim reportedly welled up when her rapper beau surprised the crowd, Kris wasn’t so happy according to sources.

Insiders told that Kris was initially upset at Kanye for his announcement, saying, “As ecstatic as the family and Kris is over Kim’s pregnancy, Kris Jenner still has her business mind running as she was disappointed that they didn’t sell the news of the pregnancy.”

“She loves how Kayne promotes himself, but after the announcement she thinks he should learn how to monetize it more.”

We’re not sure if we believe this source, as as much as we know Kris loves to make a buck or two off her famous fam, she was one of the first to tweet her excitmement after the big news broke.

Even if Kris was disappointed further reports suggest the momager is orchestrating a huge money-making deal when it comes to the first baby bump pics.

Kris has been in talks to sell the sought after photos of Kimmy’s baby bump to the highest bidder, the NY Daily News reports.

“[It] likely will sell at $300,000, and that’s Kim solo because Kanye always looks so miserable,” a source revealed to news site.