Kris Jenner Blackmailing Bruce Over Cross-Dressing Past?


Kris Jenner, basically the female Lucifer in a plastic-wrapped, surgically altered, Chanel disguise is reportedly blackmailing her semi-estranged husband Bruce Jenner. The couple have recently confirmed that they no longer to live together, but the rest of the details aren’t quite as clear – they haven’t filed for divorce and say they’re happier apart – so are they even still a couple?

According to reports, Kris has been keeping Bruce in check by blackmailing him about his supposed cross-dressing habit. A source commented that Bruce has always enjoyed feminine things:

“Bruce has a feminine side, he likes growing his hair out, likes getting manicures and pedicures and won’t leave his house without his diamond earrings. And he’s obsessed with plucking his eyebrows!”

According to the report, Bruce even tried on some of Kim’s lingerie and now Kris is keeping Bruce wrapped around her finger by threatening to go public unless their split can feature on the next season of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’:

“Kris has told Bruce that she will reveal his secret if he doesn’t go along with her plans about their split or their show.”