Kourtney Kardashian Enjoys Malibu Beach Playdate But ‘Warns Kim Kardashian To Expect ‘Total Surprise’ in Motherhood’ (PHOTOS)

Kourtney Kardashian enjoyed a much needed playdate with her two children Penelope and Mason on Malibu beach but has allegedy warned her sister Kim to expect a ‘total surprise’ in motherhood.

It can’t be easy when you’re a working mum, so it’s no wonder Kourtney took a much needed break from work to enjoy some family time with her toddlers.  Whilst Kourtney  makes motherhood look easy, her sister Kim is said to have no idea what she is in for when it comes to motherhood.

The 34-year-old  sister of Kim Kardashian, who recently gave birth to her her own baby named North West,  was all smiles as she soaked up the California sunshine.

Wearing a cream cotton blouse and a gold necklace, the reality star accessorised with oversized Ray Ban sunglasses.

Holding 11-month-old Penelope close, the mother of two sat with freinds and chatted whilst their kids all played in the sand together.

Meanwhile sister Kim is said to be in for a shock now that she’s given birth to daughter North West.

Take Note Kim! Kourtney Kardashian makes motherhood look easy as she cuddles Penelope  (WENN)

A source at Radaronline revealed: “Kim thinks that she is just going to live her life exactly the way she did before now just with a little baby along with her,”

The source adds: “But Kourtney has told her that her life is going to completely change and she’s going to be totally surprised at everything.”

Penelope looked adorable on their day out, as she is clearly benifiting from her mother’s fashion expertise. Kourtney’s cute baby girl wore a ornage rose petaled head band and cream dress as she sat on her motthers lap.

On the other hand Mason, three, was keen to frolic in the sand with the big kids. Making sand castles and playing the sea with children much older, the toddler appeared to be having a great time in the sun.

Well Kim should take tips from Kourtney!