Kit Harington Calls Fans Who Take His Photo Without Permission “Rude”

The ‘Game of Thrones’ actor has hit out at those who take his snap without asking first and he adds that his famous friends also agree that it shouldn’t be acceptable for anyone to behave that way. He explains that he even gets angry when it happens:

“Do I think people taking photos of you without your permission is rude? Of course I do. I deal with it a lot. There’s a lot of camera phones being pointed at me in not such a subtle manner. And a lot of my friends who are actors, and myself, we get angry about it. It’s incredibly rude behavior.”

Kit rants that those who want a photo should ask and just hope the famous person in question says ‘yes’ to their request because it’s the polite thing to do. The actor things people need to learn how to behave with new technology and realise they shouldn’t be rude:

” It’s one thing to ask someone for a photo, and give them the chance to say yes or no, and hopefully they say yes. But to take photos of me, without permission, it is an invasion of privacy. I do call people out on that. Most of the time, it’s just people maybe getting overly excited that they’ve seen someone they recognize, and it’s completely innocent. If I’m on the street, and I see something interesting, I might think, “Oh, wow! I’ll take a photo of that.” But then I stop myself, because I know how it feels. We need new etiquette rules to deal with all our new technology.”

Kit thinks that ‘snooping culture’ has gone too far in London and he has becoming increasingly aware of everything being monitored:

There’s a snooping culture in the UK which is very unhealthy. In London especially, we’re one of the most, if not the most, surveilled population in the world. I find that terrifying—governmental control of Internet records and phone records is wrong. Deeply wrong. I feel that quite strongly. And it’s part of the reason I like this movie, because it hinged a lot around that question, which is an important one.”