Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Insists that Jealousy Is Not The Reason Kanye West Constantly Attends Her Gym Sessions

Kim Kardashian is known for her trips to the gym several times a week, however, the fact that Kanye West has often been seen picking Kim up from the gym or attending with her has left many wondering if he’s jealous of Kim’s celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Well, it looks like her trainer wants to stop those rumors in their tracks immediately. He insists that Kanye West is not jealous and that he only attends because he finds it interesting.

“Kanye’s been here, it’s not jealousy… I don’t think they’re worried about that but what happens is their training becomes so much a part of their daily speech they want to check it out,” he told MailOnline. “You can’t help talking about a good session.”

In fact, Gunnar reveals that it’s common practices for spouses to turn up at training sessions.

“After a certain period of time the spouse shows up. Whether it’s with them or to drop something off,” he says.

Speaking specifically about Kim’s sessions, he also praises he for hard working attitude.

“Obviously there’s a genetic predisposition but Kim works so incredibly hard,” he said. “Squats, lunges, sleds, and deadlifts. She’s not tall either.”

Gunnar Peterson is also the trainer for Kris Jenner, as well as Khloe and Rob Kardashian.