Kim Kardashian’s Racial Attacker Had “Crazy Eyes”

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian go to Epione with Penelope - December 16, 2013

Kim Kardashian was allegedly racially attacked recently by an 18-year-old man while entering a chiropractor’s building. Kim in turn called fiancé Kanye West who was nearby and he reportedly assaulted the person in question. Now, it’s being reported that Kim was genuinely afraid of the attacker and thought he had “crazy eyes” and could be serious about harming her. A source said that although the incident only lasted a minute it left Kim fearful:

“Kim said that he had crazy eyes and she was thinking, ‘Is he going to shoot me and start shooting all these people’. She was really scared. She was shaking. Neither Kim nor the kid were going to the chiropractor. It seemed as if the kid was just there to taunt Kim and he heckled her going in and then he followed her into the building.”

Strangely Kim didn’t have anyone with her to keep her safe and not even her driver was present as she entered the building and was confronted by the man:

“Usually she’d have a guy [bodyguard] with her; a guy with her, a driver. I don’t really know why she didn’t — maybe it’s because she wasn’t with Nori, sometimes people just have a day off.”

The insider added that the man in question was quickly removed from the situation and Kim is now taking legal action because she is afraid:

“It wasn’t that much. It was like 30 seconds before the receptionist for the chiropractor broke it up. The kid obviously had no idea how close Kanye was. He threatened her. That’s why her attorneys are filing suit.”

Photo: PRPhotos