Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery Police Statement Leaked Online

Kim’s statement detailing the incident, which took place in October last year, has now surfaced online, and the details she provides backs up the information given in the media so far – that she was tied up and held in the bathroom while the thieves helped themselves to her jewels. Kim explained that she was unsure what was happened and shouted through the door initially:

“I heard a noise at the door, like, footsteps, and I shouted to ask who was there, but no one answered.”

She then called her bodyguard, who was out with her sisters at a nightclub. She then saw the thieves arriving with the receptionist who had already been tied up. She explains that all of the men were covered up and one was dressed as a policeman:

“I called my bodyguard at 2.56am. Then, beyond the sliding doors, I saw two people arrive with the gentleman from reception, and he was tied up. Both men were hooded, one had a ski mask and he had a cap and a jacket with ‘police’ on it. The second man had the same ‘police’ clothes, but did not have any ski mask… It was the one with the ski mask who stayed with me (during the robbery).”

She goes on to describe how the men bound her up with plastic cables and tape, but she thought they appeared “inexperienced” as she was able to get herself free moments after they left.