Kim Kardashian Worried About Having the Kids Around Kanye

Kanye West has now checked out of hospital, but according to reports he is still receiving outpatient care and will also be checking into some therapy sessions following his recent breakdown. Rumors are swirling that Kim and Kanye are currently living separately but are still together – and the reason for not sharing the same home may be that Kim doesn’t want their two children to be exposed to father right now.  An insider explained that Kim is “very worried about the kids being around Kanye.” The source also adds that the rapper has a team looking after him:

“He is receiving outpatient care else with a medical team. Kim still seems concerned but is supportive. They don’t know for how long Kanye will need outpatient care.”

Kim also wants to make sure Kanye fully recovers and is insisting that he now gets therapy once he is feeling better to make sure he continues looking after his mental health:

”[Kanye] will remain getting outpatient treatment till he is fully recovered. Kim wants him to continue getting therapy even after all of this. He has support from so many people.”

Although they’re not living together right now, Kim isn’t planning to leave Kanye and is still very much in love:

”Kim is doing okay despite reports. She has so many things on her plate so being overwhelmed is expected. She wants to get Kanye back on his feet. She is not leaving him. She loves him.”