Kim Kardashian Shows Kanye West That She Can Be ‘The Perfect Wife’

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are completely ‘loved-up’ at the minute and the reality star has now gone one step further by apparently trying to be ‘the perfect wife’ for her showbiz other half.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has already been married twice in her 31 years, but it seems like Kanye could really be ‘the one’ and is doing everything she possibly can to show him that they should be together forever. N’awww.

A friend of Kanye’s told, “Kim is really showing Kanye she’s his perfect bitch. She’s been down for him, doing everything for him. Ironing his clothes, cooking for him, pampering the man!”

“She got Mercy and makes him hold the cat and s**t like that and when they are not together, she takes pictures of herself with the cat and sends them to him. She’s showing love for him, no doubt, and I know he appreciates that.”

“Kim is showing a different side. Who knows, she could be wife material at some point.”

Kim recently revealed Kanye has taught her to slow down and appreciate life because before she started her relationship with him she used to spend too much time working.

She said, “I’ve slowed down a little bit and for the better. It was a good lesson learned. I now make it a priority to take time out for myself and have private vacations.”

Jeez, is there anything that Kim WOULDN’T do for her rapper boyfriend?!