Kim Kardashian Set To Move Home After Intruder Scare

Kim Kardashian is going to do a ‘Lohan’ and move out of her Beverly Hills home after she has been freaked out by an intruder.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was shocked when a male stranger got to her front door and rang the doorbell, and now she wants to move.

It wasn’t the fact the dude rang her bell that was the problem, according to TMZ, it happened at night and he brought luggage with him claiming that Kim had asked him to stay!

The 31-year-old immediately called the police to deal with the man, and now she’s looking into a gated community that has 24/7 security.

Kim, who used to be BFFs with Paris Hilton, is looking at homes in Bel Air and has allegedly found Mulholland Estates quite cool – where the hotel heiress owns a home and so does Charlie Sheen.