Kim Kardashian Pregnant Bikini Body Cover Causes a Stir!


According to recent reports, Kim Kardashian isn’t interested in doing the ‘Demi Moore’ style naked pregnant cover shot, but it appears US magazine has snapped a photo of their own which shows off her bump in a bikini on the recent family vacation to Greece. With giant yellow letters accompanying the photo which say “You Call This Fat?” the snap is causing a major stir (check it out for yourself here)! Kim looks pretty good in the photo, but it also seems a little photoshopped – it might be that Kim even allowed the snap to leak just to show off that she isn’t as heavy as the media are trying to make her out to be as of late. Could it have even been taken before the trip and passed off as new?

Kim has admitted to feeling heavy during her pregnancy, writing candidly that finding the right clothes is a difficult task:

 “I struggle finding things that don’t make me look heavy.”

A source commented recently that while Kim thought about doing a nude pregnancy cover, she decided it would get too much negative attention and she opted out:

“She was considering doing the Demi Moore-style pregnant photo shoot. She would have had her pick of any cover she wanted, it opens her up to too much scrutiny.”