Kim Kardashian is a ‘pornographic symbol’ according to Jewish website

Kim Kardashian may be one the most-photographed women in the world, but one ultra-orthodox Jewish news site weren’t having any of it, cropping her out of their pictures.

The bootylicious reality star was in Armenia on Monday with hubby Kanye West so they could baptise their daughter North, and after the festivities they enjoyed a meal with Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat. But whilst the mayor was happy to dine with the couple and pose for a couple of photographs, news site Kikar HaShabbat refused to publish the snaps. Their reason? Because she is a “pornographic symbol” apparently.

The website doctored images of the group, enlarging a receipt to cover the yummy mummy’s face in one snap, whilst blurring out her face entirely in another. Kim wasn’t even referred to by her name, with the captions merely stating she was “West’s wife.” But it wasn’t just Kim getting a scolding, as the writers went on to have ago at the mayor for eating in a non-Kosher restaurant.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Kim featured in the original photo (Twitter)

Considering that women in the Ultra-Orthodox community are expected to dress modestly it’s no real surprise that the booty-baring 34-year-old doesn’t quite fit in with their religious beliefs. However, in the photos in question, the star was dressed respectably in a long sleeved high neck blouse that realistically should not have caused any offence. It seems that the editors at the site were just unable to move past Kim’s infamous sex tape that was leaked back in 2003.

The entrepreneur has certainly had a colourful past, and last week, she admitted to Elle that despite being settled down with a successful business, some people still don’t take her seriously. “But even just being someone that’s on reality TV, I think that’s looked upon in a certain way and then, you know, it’s obviously helped my business,” she said. “I love what I do, but I think if you do certain things, it could hurt in business.”

Kanye West

Kim was cut of the photo

Kim hasn’t let small-minded business folk keep her down, however, as she explained that anything is possible as long as you work hard enough. “Nothing comes easy. I know that people joke all the time and try to figure out, you know, what it is that I do, but I work really hard,” she said.

“I get up every day at 5 a.m. and start my day. I think as long as you work really hard and figure out what you want to do and stay motivated and have a plan and stay committed—just don’t be lazy.”