Kim Kardashian Planning to Release “Post-Baby Body Visual Diary”


According to reports, Kim Kardashian may be planning to release a “post-baby body visual diary” which would show how her body changed as she regained her figure over the months following North West’s birth. Kim, who welcomed her first child with Kanye West in June, believes she’s got great personal pics that people would be interested in seeing:

”[Kim and Kanye] are always thinking about the brand and how to make it bigger and better, so Kim is loving the idea of a post-baby body visual diary, showing her weight loss. She knows there are plenty of pap photos of her out there, but only she has the really personal ones that no one can get close enough to take of her.”

Kim makes sure to take daily snaps of herself so she can turn her images in to a book. She has already arranged them to inspire her to continue working on her own weight loss and she believes it could make for an interesting read if released as a photo diary:

”Kim has taken daily photos of herself as she slims down and they’re on her phone and printed out in her private dressing room in order of weight loss. She also has a full size photo of a few Hollywood bikini bodies which she aspires to and is using them as a margin of how much weight she wants to lose. Kim looks at photos of herself from a few weeks ago and is beyond excited that she’s slimming down all the time. The visual spur of her photos arranged on her wall have been a huge inspiration.”