Kim Kardashian on Weight Critics: “It Really Hurt My Soul”


Kim Kardashian has hit back at weight critics who constantly monitored how many pounds she added during her pregnancy. She says that it was only natural for her to put on weight while pregnant and the negative media coverage has made her more protective of her life, especially now that she has a daughter. Kim says she is trying to live more privately as a result of the negative press which came at at a time when she was very vulnerable:

“It really hurt my soul. I was gaining weight because I was pregnant, and it was just really hard to read all these stories and hear all these nasty things … Why would I subject myself to so much negativity, especially now that I have a daughter? … I’ve definitely tried to live more of a private life because of that.”

Following the birth of North, and after she lost 50lbs on the Atkins diet, Kim posted a photo of herself in a white swimsuit which gained plenty of attention. She admits that the photo was initially private, but fiancé Kanye West encouraged her to flaunt her figure as a way of getting back at her critics:

“I was trying on a bathing suit, and I actually just sent that to my boyfriend, my fiancé, and I was like, ‘Babe, can I post this up? This is my big, like, middle finger to the world on everyone that called me fat.’”