Kim Kardashian May Bleed to Death if She Gets Pregnant

On the latest episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, Kim discusses the idea of having a third child despite have two complicated pregnancies in the past:

”Lately I’ve been thinking I would love to maybe have another baby. But like I had two really difficult pregnancies and really difficult deliveries so getting pregnant again it’s something that does concern me.”

See a doctor, Kim is told that if she does get pregnant again it could put her life at risk because of how dangerous and difficult her two previous pregnancies have been. She is told that the problems could get worse and become life threatening:

”Here’s what I think, your pregnancies, you had toxaemia, you had a retained placenta, very traumatic, we’re always worried about the next serious complication. I think the potential fear of the whole situation is legitimate. You never know that you might not have the same type of problem that might be more serious this time. You’re always taking a little bit of a chance. There are situations where retained placenta could be life and death.”

Kim’s mom Kris adds that Kim could even bleed to death if she got pregnant again. Kim then adds that she has also considered a surrogate but is worried about the process:

”Nobody has to know. I think my biggest fear is that if I had a surrogate, I just don’t know like, would I love them the same? That’s the main thing that I keep on thinking about, that scares me.”