Kim Kardashian Losing Post Baby Weight On Atkins: The Controversial Diet In Hollywood!

Kim Kardashian has been showing off an uber hot body following the arrival of daughter baby North and just a few months after giving birth appears to have regained her pre-pregnancy curves something she’s creditted to following the Atkins diet.

Kim has been surrounded by weight speculation ever since she fell pregnant and when she went into hiding for a while after giving birth to baby North on June 15, all were keen to see just how much weight Kim had lost, with rumours suggesting that the star didn’t want to leave the house until she had reached her goal weight.

The blonde babe took to Twitter to put reports surrounding her new diet straight, telling a fan:

Kim shows off her post baby body (and some impressive cleavage!) at Paris Fashion Week (Photo: Splash News)

The diet was at it’s peak of popularity around 2003 and 2004 when one in ten people in the US were reportedly on the weight loss program, created by Robert Atkins way back in 1958. But Kim’s not the only fan of the diet in Hollywood, with several stars reportedly using it to shed some pounds in a hurry.

While Kim might be a fan of the weigt loss program, claims it’s actually deterimental health have seen other stars distance themselves from it.

So who is actually on Atkins and who has been rumoured to be on it?

Atkins Diet and Hollywood: Who loves it and who might just be on it

One vocal supporter of the diet has been X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne who creditted the diet with helping her shed 30lbs. She said last November: “I’ve lost 28 pounds on the Atkins diet. I want to lose another seven and I’ll do that over time.”