Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Wedding Details Leaked: It’s Expensive, Obviously


Flush – that’s the sound of money going down the toilet. Kim Kardashian is about to marry for a third time, this time to baby daddy Kanye West. Although she previously blabbed on about how, if she ever got married again, it would be super low-key, it appears that was all a crock of – yeah, not a surprise.

According to a new report, Kanye is boasting that their wedding is going to put all other weddings in the history of the planet to shame with its over-the-top lavishness that will never again be rivaled. Yep, that sounds pretty close to how he generally talks. A source commented that the rapper is: ‘making a public statement that his wedding tops all weddings throughout history’.

Kanye wants to hold the wedding on the island of Capri in Italy and will serve Michelin star food created by his friend Massimo Bottura for the event. He wants the whole event to last a grand total of two weeks! There will also be a theme – gold, black and diamonds. Kanye will pay for all those who are invited, covering all costs besides flights (which sounds dumb? but there will probably be freebies that make it worth their while). Here we go again?