Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Spent £487,000 on Four Gold-Plated Toilets


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just flushed hundreds of thousands of their fortune down the toilet – pretty literally. The couple, who recently welcomed their first child named ‘North’, are currently in the process of filling up their new Bel Air mansion to create the ideal family home and they aren’t sparing any expense, even on things that probably don’t need to be splurged on – they paid £487,000 for four gold-plated toilets.  Can you actually tell that your sitting on a gold-plated toilet when your on it? Anyway,  they apparently spent around $190,000 on beds and purchased a  Swarovski-encrusted fridge freezer and dropped almost $1 million on Electrolux appliances.

They are also making sure that not a single paparazzo will ever catch them at home, they’re splashing out big on security:

 ‘They expect the interior to cost twice as much as the property. They’re spending more than a million on a security system alone. It’s so exciting for them, the house is gorgeous. And they really wanted and needed the privacy.’

Because their dream home isn’t ready yet, the couple have settled on a rental near Kim’s mom for now:

 ‘Kim and Kanye have finally settled on a temporary mansion for their family to move into. It should be ready for them to move in the next two weeks. It’s over 8,000 square feet and offers complete privacy, which was a big concern of Kanye’s. The security system is being upgraded and Nori’s nursery is being outfitted with surveillance cameras.’