Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Fighting Over Kids Clothing Line

Kim Kardashian has been planning a secret kids clothing line according to reports, all with the help of her boyfriend Kanye West. Kanye helped Kim with the initial idea and thinks it could be a great way to revamp her image with a classy kids line. Kim has been keen to impress her rapper boyfriend and wants to make him proud:

“He thought it was a great way for her to be taken a little more seriously and cut the cord with her family. He wants her to establish a new career away from reality TV and this is how they think she can do it. Kim really threw herself into it because she loves fashion and also because it makes Kanye happy, she seems desperate for him to respect her and approve of her.”

However, Kim hasn’t been too happy now that plans have moved on because Kanye keeps getting too involved and won’t allow her enough creative freedom. Kim feels as though Kanye believes she isn’t a good designer and he keeps taking control over everything:

“He opened doors for her where they were once shut, which is great, but now he’s giving her his two cents on everything and it’s driving Kim crazy. The truth of the matter is that he doesn’t think Kim has good style and he knows whatever she produces will be a direct reflection on him. He doesn’t trust her to do her own thing.”

Kim uses daughter North as her inspiration even though Kanye isn’t happy with how she has been dressing her:

“Kim does, but she says she wants to use Nori as her ‘muse’ and translate her own favorite outfits into ones for the baby. So far, it’s just all kinds of wrong and Kanye is constantly correcting her on how to dress Nori.”