Kim Kardashian: ‘I’m Skinny’

Kim Kardashian is blaming the camera for boosting the size of her bootylicious butt and claims that in reality she is wafer thin.

The Dancing With The Stars contestant – who is currently dating American football player Reggie Bush – has admitted that when people meet her they cannot believe how skinny she is.

She said, “I look a lot bigger on TV. When I meet people, the first thing they say is, ‘Wow, you’re so much smaller than I thought’.

“I look about 15 lbs heavier. I’m only 115 lbs, and everyone thinks I’m like 130 or 140. It’s bizarre. I’m a US size 2!”

Kim added that since beginning dance rehearsals for the American TV show she has lost weight: “I’ve lost a few pounds – nothing too crazy yet, but I heard you really start to lose weight when the show starts.”

We’re not so sure her voluptuous behind will be shrinking anytime soon!