Kim Kardashian Guilted Kanye West In To Appearing at Baby Shower


According to reports, Kim Kardashian managed to guilt baby daddy Kanye West in to appearing on camera at the filming of their baby shower which she’s hosting soon, all so it can appear on the show of course. Kanye doesn’t want anything to do with the show and is against appearing on film but Kim thinks it will look weird if he doesn’t, so she’s begged him to make a quick appearance so they can look like a normal couple. A source commented that Kim asked him:

“to stop by the baby shower which is taking place on June 2. The baby shower will be filmed for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and he just doesn’t want to appear on the show at all, period.”

She had to constantly nag him until he gave her a definite yes to the appearance but now it seems that he will briefly show up for the party:

“Kim nagged him until he agreed when she said it would look really bad if he didn’t show up. Kanye thinks it’s silly to even go to the baby shower since he will be the only man there. He will be there for less than ten minutes, tops. It was important to Kim that he go, so he agreed.”

The new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is set to premiere on June 2nd and apparently the baby’s gender is revealed, although it’s obvious by the very girly baby shower invites that it’s a girl!