Kim Kardashian Fears Facing Her Robbers After Paris Arrests Made

French authorities now have 16 people held in connection with the robbery which happened to Kim Kardashian in Paris late last year. Now, Kim is afraid she’ll have to face the people who attacked and stole from her. According to a source, a video of the men is currently being sent to the US for Kim to watch in the hope she may be able to identify her attackers and she’ll have to sit down and watch it:

”Kim will now have to watch a video of all the men. The video is being sent to the United States, where she will have to watch it with American officers working with the French.”

The insider adds that while Kim may feel relieved the men in question aren’t out and can attack her again, she is still struggling with having to relive what happened because she is trying so hard to put it behind her and things will only get worse if she has to return to Paris as part of the investigation:

”I’m sure there is a sense of relief on one level, but on another level it means Kim has to deal with all of these painful memories again, especially if she has to go back to Paris and face those who have been arrested. But in the long run, it could end up being a healing experience for her.”