Kim Kardashian Didn’t Refuse Pictures With ALS Wives

…claiming she was being uncaring and snobby which was not the case according to Kim herself.

TMZ learnt from the eyewitnesses there that the incident was not the way the women chronicled on Facebook. These women claim that they saw Kim and Kris Jenner in Celine- a fancy schmancy women’s store. They asked for pics with Kim after telling her who they were and they also shared with Kris that their husbands has ALS, however Kris and Kim both refused a photo.

It was also reported that a group of women even hounded Kim and some even knocked while she was in her dressing room. As per another eyewitness who shared that neither of the women asked Kim for a photograph and when Kim walked out of the dressing room she was smiling for all cameras pointed at her.  This is so true, everyone needs their part of coverage with a celebrity.