Khloe Kardashian Odom’s Debut On X Factor USA Branded ‘Awkward’

Khloe Kardashian Odom made her X Factor USA debut last night, however it looks as though it didn’t entertain one critic who branded her debut as “awkward.”

The reality TV star, who is no stranger to having a camera around her, didn’t appear to impress a critic from The Washington Post, who stated:

“Odom came across like the novice she is, shouting her lines despite the mic clutched in her hand and making awkward small talk with contestants and judge and executive producer Simon Cowell.

“Odom sounded like an oddly flirtatious schoolgirl as she introduced Cowell as ‘Mr. Sexy’.”

However it appears that the critic’s view of Khloe’s first day on the show was in the minority as a critic for The Hollywood Reporter commented: “Both Kardashian and Lopez seemed at ease in their new roles, a glitch or two notwithstanding. Kardashian even pushed the judges to elaborate on some of their criticism, but she sometimes had trouble keeping her face in full view of the camera. ”

Support for Khloe even came through from Twitter with fans using their 140 characters to gush about how much they enjoyed seeing Khloe on the show. One fan tweeted: “No show can beat X Factor USA you know why? Because Khloe Kardashian isnt the host for all those other shows!@KhloeKardashian (sic)”, whilst another added:

“I love X Factor USA even more now that Mario Lopez and KhloeKardashian are hosting ??”

Joking about Khloe and Simon’s flirting in last night’s show, another fan wrote: “Loved @KhloeKardashian & @MarioLopez tonight on The X FactorUSA. Wonder what Lamar thinks of Khloe & Simon’s little flirt session? ;)”

Another happy X Factor USA fan tweeted: “So good to watch Khloe Kardashian on X Factor USA. Best improvement of this season!”