Khloe Kardashian Felt “Fat-Shamed” in Clothing Stores

Khloe, who recently launched a new denim line named Good American which features a wide range of sizes, says she wanted to make her designs available to everyone because she knows how hard it can be to find fashion-forward pieces in the right size. She explained that in the past she often felt shamed about her size when they wouldn’t have it in store and she could never find denim in particular:

“When I was bigger, a lot of places didn’t carry my size. I was a 30 or 31 at the time. I didn’t think that was astronomical sizing but people went, ‘Uh! What size are you? Oh we don’t have that here but we can order it.’ I was like, ‘Screw you, you just made me feel like s—.’ And that’s how a lot of women feel. My sisters would wear cute denim, and I felt so fat-shamed. It was important for me to make something women feel good in. It’s a positive, empowering project.”

Khloe adds that she has always wanted to offer a wider range of sizes at their DASH boutiques but it’s often not possible because the stores are so small:

“At DASH, our store, I would always say, ‘God I really want to start carrying larger sizes,’ and it’s harder for a boutique. If we owned department stores it would be different, but now I am finally happy I am able to have something to offer real woman.”