Kevin Federline Puffing Pot At Work?

Naughty Kevin Federline has reportedly been smoking marijuana on the set of his new TV show.

The former backing dancer – who is currently locked in a bitter custody dispute with ex-wife Britney Spears – is said to have  stunned cast and crew on the North Carolina set of hit TV show One Tree Hill by openly puffing on joints.

A source snitches on K-Fed to the New York Daily News: “He is smoking marijuana all round the set, like it is just part of his lifestyle.

“The smell is so potent it’s obvious that he is not just smoking regular cigarettes.

“He doesn’t seem to see a need to hide it at all.”

Earlier this month, Kevin won custody of his two sons with ex-wife after Britney failed to attend a court-ordered drugs test.

The next hearing is set for October 26.