Kevin Costner’s Moving Eulogy For Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston’s funeral was a chance for everyone to say goodbye to a much-loved icon and who better to give a eulogy than her friend and ‘Bodyguard’ co-star, Kevin Costner…

Costner’s goodbye was a touching tribute to Houston. He had the audience laughing and crying all at once, telling stories he had once told to Whitney and found that she’d enjoyed.

Yet, whilst he spoke about the pair’s easy laughter, he also focused on the important things and made sure he paid a fitting tribute to the singer who had touched so many:

“The sweet miracle of Whitney”

The pair were both members of the Baptist Church and Costner revealed that a great deal of their friendship had been based upon their faith.

“She told God she was gonna be like Aretha, like her famous cousin Dionne, like her beautiful mother Cissy. There can be little doubt in this room that she has joined their ranks…”

He also spoke in detail about how he wanted her to be his co-star in The Bodyguard, despite everyone elses misgivings, and how he asked producers to postpone filming for a year and a half to ensure his “perfect” choice could star alongside him.

“Whitney was scared… there were a thousand things that seemed wrong… I wanted to tell her that the game was rigged. That I didn’t care how the [screen] tests went, that she could fall down and start speaking in tongues, that somehow I would find a way to explain it as an extraordinary acting choice!”

He recalled an anecdote about how, in her auditions, she had replaced her make-up with the make-up she was used to in her music videos and it had melted all down her face. But Costner was there to reassure her and had her return to the audition room half an hour later. Where she, obviously, wowed the studio

“The Whitney I knew, despite her success and worldwide fame, still wondered ‘am i good enough? Am I pretty enough? Will they like me?’ It was the burden that made her great… and that made her stumble in the end. Whitney, if you can hear me now, you weren’t just good enough… you were great.”