Kevin Bacon Believes Fame Can Easily Kill Celebrities

Legendary actor Kevin Bacon has opened up on how cruel fame is, admitting that it can be easy for stars to struggle with their own fame which is why many end up dead. He says it isn’t surprising for those in the spotlight to end up in rehab or eventually dead because of the pressure on them. He thinks having a life outside of Hollywood and away from the spotlight is the only real way to cope. He says his family keep him feeling down to earth:

”You can end up in rehab or dead unless there is something else in your life other than celebrity. People will be nice to you for no other reason than they’ve seen your movies. So what do you do to escape the obsession with fame? Get a proper life. With me it’s my family, my wife and children and a handful of close friends.”

Kevin says it’s easy for stars to get caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle and then they’ve left with nothing else, even when it’s over for them:

”Those who are wrecked by celebrity have nothing else to fall back upon.”

On his advice to his 18-year-old self, Kevin says that worrying is nothing more than a waste of energy:

‘Don’t worry so much – it’s a waste of energy – and do not take yourself too seriously.”