Kelly Brook Hits Back At Relationship Expert Sarah J. Symonds Who Called Her Engagement ‘A Joke’

Their whirlwind engagement raised several eyebrows, but while many kept their thoughts to themselves about Kelly Brook and her new fiancé David McIntosh, one critic hasn’t exactly kept schtum.

And relationship expert Sarah J. Symonds has been slammed by Miss Brook after she referred to their quick engagement “a joke”.

Sarah, who was also slated by Sarah Jessica Parker last week for comments she made about her children, shared a newspaper article with her Twitter followers which said Kelly and David would televise their wedding.

And she wrote: “And you wonder why marriage has become a joke for many now!”

She then tagged Kelly in and added: “Let’s see if you actually walk down the aisle ;).”

But Kelly was having none of it and she soon retorted: “Wow your [sic] a relationship expert? Thanks for the kind words and support. BEYOND.”

Sarah backtracked and replied, “That’s why I’m a relationship expert. I just don’t want to see you get hurt like you were with Danny. You deserve the best.” to which Kelly simply said: “Thanks for the ‘genuine’ concern, I think I’ll be alright.”

And Kelly isn’t the only celebrity in the last week to slam Sarah for her opinions.

According to reports, she made a comment on Twitter about how Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate children look nothing like her, forcing the actress to take to her account to have a go.

After Sarah deleted her remark, SJP wrote: “Your anonymity doesn’t diminish your outrageous and vulgar tweet. And your deletion only reveals your cowardice
I’m certain there isn’t a woman on this planet who would support your specific kind of cruelty. No apology, no explanation.

“You should be ashamed @SarahJSymonds. I hope more people join me in voicing their objection to and holding accountable uninformed and unkind women like yourself who find pleasure and delight in attacking other women.”

She later added: “Before I go to sleep I want to thank everyone for coming to my defense today. I didnt relish the opportunity to publicly reprimand.

“But the words tossed so casually about my children and their provenance I could not abide. Nor are they true. The golden rule. Please. Xxsj.”