Kelly Brook Doesn’t Tire of Being Called Curvy

National Television Awards 2014 - Arrivals

Being called curvy on a regular basis might annoy some people, but not British beauty Kelly Brook – she says it perfectly describes her body and it isn’t a label she gets sick of. Kelly comments that she has embraced her own sexy side and is happy with herself:

”No, never. It’s me, and I’ve found what works for me and made a career out of my curves. I don’t want to try and be anything other than how I am, as it’s my natural look. All girls are different and I think you can be sexy in your own way. You don’t have to be size zero and you don’t have to have a really toned, Madonna-like physique. I’m not saying that’s not sexy as well, but I think you have to go with your natural shape.”

Kelly recently launched a lingerie collection in collaboration with British store New Look and says she was inspired from her own experience because she has always had difficulty finding pieces that fit her body right:

”I always struggled to find beautiful swimwear and lingerie to fit my body, so that’s what spurred me on to design my own. I just remember being young and having E-cup boobs and not being able to find any nice bras. I was always wearing minimising bras… but I wanted sexy, lacy, gorgeous bras. She that’s why I got into designing and why I do what I do.”

Photo: PRPhotos