Keira Knightley “Disappointed” She Doesn’t Sound Like Adele

The British actress has commented that she was sad to find out that her voice isn’t as good as the singer when she was training her vocals for newly released film ‘Begin Again’. Joking that ”I hate karaoke. It’s my idea of hell”, the actress adds that this is the first time she has properly sung on camera:

“I had actually done it on one other movie but in a very different style, but no, I’ve never sung like this. I was actually quite disappointed that I didn’t sound like Adele.”

Keira wasn’t sure how talented she was because she is a fan of her own voice when she’s just crooning along in the shower, but she says things are very different when you step in to the recording studio and get a clear idea of your own vocal abilities:

“You know when you’re in the shower and you’re just singing and you think, ‘Wow, I sound really good right now. I sound so good I could totally do that Adele thing’. And then you get into a recording studio, as I did, and you think, ‘Oh, no, I can’t do the Adele thing’.”