Keira Knightley Admires Charitable Angelina Jolie

Keira recently visited South Sudan and says she is inspired by Angelina Jolie. She thinks that Angelina has given so much of herself to causes close to her heart and she believes she is spreading an amazingly positive message with her charity work in various countries and with the UN. She commented:

”I admire Angelina Jolie hugely. I don’t think I could ever be anything like as impressive or authoritative as she is on the world stage. She’s pretty much devoting her life to her causes, and that’s a great thing, a great message. I’m always happy to help in any small way I can.”

The British beauty admits she was too embarrassed to tell the refugees she met that she was an actress who couldn’t help them, so instead she said she was a person who could help raise awareness and money to better their lives:

”When those refugees asked me, ‘Who are you?’, I really, really wished I could have said, ‘I’m a doctor’, or something else useful. So instead I told them, ‘I am somebody who is going to ask people to give lots of money to Oxfam, so they can help you.’?”