Keanu Reeves Is Back On Track As John Wick Exceeds Box Office Expectations

New horror flick Ouija made the most of its pre-Halloween release over the weekend scoring high in box office ticket sales and topping the charts despite being made on a low-budget. The movie – which cost just $5 million to produce – took $20 million from 2,858 locations making it this weekend’s biggest release.

Created by the man behind Paranormal Activity Jason Blum, it looks set to make Universal Studios a healthy profit. Distribution chief Nikki Rocco said: “He just does it over and over and over again.

Marketing knew exactly what audience they were going after and they nailed it.” One of the big surprises from the weekend came from Keanu Reeves’ new movie John Wick. In the film he plays a hit man who wants to avenge the death of his puppy.

Despite the actor revealing in the build up to the release that he just didn’t get offered big roles anymore the production smashed expectations after receiving a flood of positive reviews.

Keanu Reeves’ John Wick was a hit exceeding box office expectations (WENN)

The predicted $7-8 million dollars was doubled with actual takings of $14.1 million across 2,589 locations and it proved particularly popular in Imax cinemas which accounted for $2.5 million, or 18% of sales.

Other releases remaining popular this weekend included Brad Pitt’s Fury which brought in $13 million – a 45% drop – taking it’s domestic revenue total to $46 million – leaving a considerable shortfall from the $68 million budget.

Ben Affleck’s Gone Girl also continued to perform adding a further $11.1 million to its $124 million takings. It is expected to become director David Fincher’s highest grossing stateside release to date by next we