Katy Perry’s Boyfriend Diplo Slates Taylor Swift For Her Lack Of ‘Booty’

Looks like Katy Perry needs to have words with her latest boyfriend Diplo – he’s clearly got a fixation with another famous woman’s butt. And no, we don’t mean Kim Kardashian. The lady in question is none other than Taylor Swift and his obsession is far from a complimentary one.

The DJ has taken it upon himself to help poor old Taylor out because while she might have the fastest selling album for 12 years, she doesn’t have a huge bum. We bet she is gutted, who needs a record-breaking career when you can spend your days worrying about where you will find jeans to fit your bulging behind?

Diplo took to Twitter to air his concerns to his 1.3 million followers about the state of her behind and suggest that they help her out as he appealed for someone to “get Taylor Swift a booty.”He wrote: “Someone should make a kickstarter to get taylor swift a booty… are taylor swift fans called the swift boat veterans?”

Within minutes he then tweeted a link to a page set up on public funding website Fundly called the Get Taylor Swift A Booty Campaign which was set up by Erik Spivak and reads: “Taylor Swift Still Needs Your Help! Any true supporter of TSWIFT would definitely not pass up this opportunity to improve her posterior! Spread The Word If You Believe In Magic!”


Diplo – real name Thomas Wesley Pentz – apparently didn’t stop there either, with a donation seemingly of his own hard earned cash for a whole $35 dollars appearing on the site under the name of Wesley Pentz.

What’s prompted this sudden interest in Taylor is unclear – possibly Katy’s alleged feud with her over their mutual ex-boyfriend John Mayer – but we’re sure her 46.6 million followers on the social networking site may have something to say so he may be best to avoid logging in for the next few days if he doesn’t want all the notifications to send him crazy.