Katy Perry Slammed For Anti-Feminist Music Videos : ‘It All Looks Very BJ’

Katy Perry has been criticised in the past for her provocative videos and now they have even been labelled as anti-feminist.

Stand-up comedian Sarah Kendall has hit out at Katy Perry’s music videos as being ‘full of phallic symbolism’.

While over for the Edinburgh Festival this year, Kendall was asked by Stylist if comedy needs feminism.

”There’s a whole generation of women who don’t care about feminism. A lot of younger women think ‘lezzing off’ for the boys is equal rights. It’s not!”

She added: “Little girls are obsessed with Katy Perry. Her videos are full of phallic symbolism; liquid shooting out of tubes, lollipops, hairbrushes by the mouth. It all looks very BJ…”

Last month Katy Perry’s decision to dress a group of small girls in various outfits from previous videos for a red carpet appearance at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto didn’t go down too well with the general public.

The ‘Firework’ singer dressed one girl in a replica of her California Gurls get up, complete with the fake cakes covering the chest area.

Other outfits worn by group were a bright Lycra ensemble with full make-up from ‘Last Friday Night’ and one was dressed as an elderly woman in ‘The One That Got Away’.

Katy Perry – ‘Wide Awake’: