‘Katy Perry Dumped Me Via Destroying Email’ Claims Gym Class Heroes Ex Travie McCoy

Gym Class Heroes star Travie McCoy has been speaking out about his 2009 break up with Katy Perry, who went on to marry Russell Brand, revealing during an interview on US TV that she dumped him via email.

The ‘Billionaire’ singer, who had a two year on/off relationship with the singer admitted that being with Katy was the “most amazing thing ever” but claimed once her career began to take off, their romance crumbled.

In a new Behind the Music TV special, aired in the US over the weekend, he said: “That was the beginning of a really really awesome time for me.

“When I was around her I felt really at ease and comfortable with myself. It was the most amazing thing ever.”

Admitting that his drug use may have contributed to the break down of their relationship, Travie went on: “She wasn’t stupid… She knew when I was f**ked up. I chose drugs over our relationship… As things started taking off for her the more I started to doubt my role in her life. There were times I felt like a stepping ladder.”

Katy has gone on to become one of the biggest stars on the planet, though it seems at the expense of her private life, as Russell Brand also hinted their relationship suffered due to her career.

Speaking of their break up, McCoy admitted it “destroyed” him, with Katy ending it reportedly via email.

He explained: “It started off with ‘I love you so much I hate to do this…’”

“Someone that you are ready to spend the rest of your life with sends you a f**king email just s**ting on your whole parade. It destroyed me.”

Katy is currently dating John Mayer following a brief romance with Florence and Machine rocker Robert Ackroyd.

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TRAVIE MCCOY: Katy dated Gym Class Heroes frontman Travie McCoy between 2008-2009. After their split Travie wrote many heartbroken songs about his ex whilst it is rumoured that her hit HotnCold is all about him.