Katy Perry Believes She Can’t Pull Off Skimpy Clothes Anymore


Katy Perry has revealed that she’s thinking of toning down her wardrobe due to her age. The singer believes she can’t “pull that off” when it comes to flesh-flashing outfits and she now wants the focus to be on her music. She says she is confident in her music and wants it to be the focus from now on because she admits that showy outfits can distract:

“I’m just getting a little older and realised I can’t pull that off any more. If I had Rihanna’s body I would wear everything Rihanna wears, she looks fabulous in all of it. I want to keep the attention on my music. I have confidence in my songs, that’s where I need most of the focus.”

Speaking on her personal body hang-ups, Katy says she does like some of her features and realizes some things, such as her skin, have improved as the years have rolled by. She doesn’t think her facial features are outstanding but she still likes what she has:

”My brows and my eyes, I think, are what frame my whole face. I have all right lips and all right cheekbones, but they’re no showoffs. If I get my brows and my eyes right, that really sets the whole face. My skin used to be a lot worse than it is so I would use a lot more coverage as I was insecure about my skin.”