Katy Perry Admits Relationship With Parents ‘Could Be Better’ Years After ‘I Kissed A Girl’ Controversy

Katy Perry is known to have had somewhat of a turbulent relationship with her parents over the years and while she admits it “could be better,” the singer says things between them are “good” despite claims that her father in particular had a problem with her debut single ‘I Kissed A Girl.’

The ‘Teenage Dream’ songstress has become one of the hottest stars in music since bursting onto the scene in 2006 with her overtly sexual single about puckering up to women and while Katy is adorned all over the world, her Christian pastor parents Keith and Mary, were said to have initially felt uncomfortable with Katy’s suggestive music.

Katy Perry with her parents Keith and Mary last year (Ivan Nikolov/WENN)

Following years of reports that Keith and Mary have repeatedly aired their disapproval for Katy’s lyrics in their sermons, the singer says there is no strain on her relationship with her parents and believes its the same with most other families.

“I have a good relationship with them. It could be better but it’s the same dynamic as most people,” Katy told ELLE magazine.

“We love our parents but we’re annoyed by them. I respect what they have done for me. I was brought up surrounded by morality and integrity and that can only be a good thing.”

She continued of her upbringing: “I have a problem reading … I wasn’t going to great schools, because my parents didn’t believe in public education. They wanted the education to be influenced by their religion, so I was going to these halfway education-slash-Christian schools that were like pop-up shop-style education.”

Meanwhile, Katy is gearing up for the release of her brand new album ‘PRISM’ which fans can expect on October 22, and recently revealed that it will be a lot more “mature” compared to her last record.

Speaking to ABC the record breaking chart-topper revealed: “’I am plenty pleased with everything I’m writing. And it’s, you know, I think it’s going to be a little bit more of a mature version of ‘Teenage Dream’. I call it adult reality show.”

It’s believed the first single to be lifted from the record will either be called ‘Roar’ or ‘Rawr.’

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