Katie Price Crowned winner of Celebrity Big Brother

“Celebrity Big Brother house, this is Emma”. The infamous line that all housemates fear .But it would be the last time it would be said in the series as it was finally time for Emma to crown the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2015. After the evictions of Michelle, Keith and Calum, it had turned into the battle of the Katies! Hopkins or Pricey? Who wins, YOU DECIDE! After weeks of being cooped up in the infamous Elstree house, Katie Price came out victorious, pipping controversial Katie Hopkins to the post!

Having entered the house ten days later than any of the other housemates, when hearing the news Katie was nothing other than overwhelmed. In the lead up to the announcement Pricey had already deemed Hopkins the winner, congratulating her multiple times whilst awaiting the result after what seemed to be the longest pause in the history of pauses!

After Hopkins was evicted and crowned the ‘runner-up’, Price was left in the house to stew over what had just happened, and boy was she shocked! What seemed like an absolute joke for her was about to become a reality as she made her way up the stairs to be greeted by the public chanting ‘PRICEY PRICEY PRICEY!’ The doors opened and the fireworks erupted, as Katie continued to express her shock. “I don’t get it, I just don’t understand how this has happened!’

She really struggled to hold back the tears as she began her interview with Emma, expressing how boring she thinks she’s been after entering the house with a medical problem and just how confused she was about winning. “I don’t know why I’m sat here!!” When questioned about the fact she’d entered later than anybody else her answer was nothing but honest. “It isn’t fair, but it’s not my fault! I’ve been in there three weeks so I’ve been there pretty much the whole time!”

Emma prepared her for her best bits, to which Katie replied, “I haven’t even got any best bits, I’ve done nothing!” But then she continued to watch just how much she had been through in the house! The friendships she had made, the arguments she had been involved in and the outright fun she had!

She may have come into the show late and people may have called her boring, but to have made it to the end, it seems the Price really is right to have won!