Katie Price aka Jordan Cleans Up Well

Katie Price aka Jordan looks amazing as she takes on the old school glamour look. 

Did you know that last year she was named Britain’s most inspirational businesswoman. Interesting!

Her interview that goes along with these pictures is pretty amusing, actually.  She didn’t want to be there.  Here’s a set up:

It is not a great day to interview the glamour model Jordan, who now prefers to use her real name, Katie Price.

Her three children are all sick. She has been up ten times in the night with her youngest, Princess, and now seems to have caught her cold and a sore throat that makes her sound hoarse.

She arrives at our South London photo shoot mob-handed, with hairdresser, make-up man, manager and the film crew that is following her round for her new chat show.

Check out the interview HERE 

katie-price-glamour2.jpg katie-price-glamour1.jpg