Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise ‘Sleeping Together’ Again?

New sources have sensationally come forward to claim that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who opted for a speedy divorce six months ago, have, in a “moment of serious weakness”, slept together over the festive period.

According to a dubious report in Star magazine, Katie Holmes – who famously had a crush on Tom Cruise as a teen  – found it impossible to resist her ex-husband when she came face-to-face with him recently, leading to the famous former couple to fall into bed together.

We have no idea how these so-called “sources” came across this supposed development in Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ relationship, but apparently it all transpired during a discussion over daughter Suri’s welfare.

“They’ve barely talked since she left him in June, and it turns out her physical attraction to him is still strong.”

“Katie continues to think Tom is incredibly sexy — so one thing led to another and led to something that a lot of ex-spouses do when they’re alone together!”

The source continued to suggest that Katie and Tom not only slept together, but that the Dawson’s Creek actress has also agreed to go on holiday with Tom Cruise in a bid to give Suri the Christmas she deserves:

“Not only did she have a moment of serious weakness [but Katie also] consented to do something she never would’ve agreed to do under normal circumstances — accept Tom’s offer for her and Suri to spend Christmas at his hideaway in Telluride, Colo.”

“She kept thinking of giving Suri some sense of Christmas normalcy… And Katie also had to admit that it felt good to be in Tom’s arms once again.”

This all feels VERY difficult to believe – especially when you consider how quickly Katie Holmes filed for divorce from her then-husband Tom Cruise back in June.

A rep for Tom has backed up our suspicions by confirming to EntertainmentWise that the report is “made up.”