Kathie Lee Gifford: I Saw Taylor Swift Crash The Kennedy Wedding

Kathie Lee Gifford may have blown Taylor Swift’s cover on her Kennedy wedding-crashing incident.

On Thursday, Gifford, the 59-year-old Today show host confirmed that the 22-year-old singer was not wanted at the Aug. 18 wedding of Kyle Kennedy and now-husband Liam Kerry.

The hostess is the stepmother to Victoria Gifford Kennedy, the angered mother of the bride who told the Boston Herald of Swift’s wedding-crashing episode.

“Why can’t I stay out of trouble? I was just a guest at that wedding. [Kyle] is actually my granddaughter by marriage,” Gifford said on the NBC talk show.

Victoria explained to the newspaper that cousin Conor Kennedy – the You Belong With Me’s boyfriend of almost-two months – texted her an hour before the wedding.

“She didn’t know if he was coming or not,” Kathie explained. “She heard that he might be, but he got in touch with her an hour earlier, and said, basically, ‘Can I bring my girlfriend?’ She said very nicely, ‘please do not come.’ Guess what? They came.”


When Victoria confronted Swift and asked her to leave the wedding, she said, “It was like talking to a ghost. She seemed to look right past me.”

Kathie Lee confirmed the report by saying, “The truth is, because I was there, Vicki’s account is accurate.”

The We Are Never Getting Back Together singer and 18-year-old Conor were asked to depart the wedding reception twice.

And, even though Swift was spotted “in the hallway, she was waiting, standing around, and [Conor] came out, took her by the hand and they left,” Kathie Lee explained, “I didn’t know there was any drama going on at the time until I spoke to Vicki.”

But even though the mother of the bride was fuming, Kathie Lee gave Swift the benefit of doubt.

“I’m not sure [Taylor] didn’t know she was invited,” Kathie Lee explained. “It’s the bride’s day, and that was Vicki’s other concern. ‘This is my daughter’s day and I would appreciate it if you would not come.'”