Kate Moss Pelts Enrique Iglesias With Bread Rolls

Kate Moss Pelts Enrique Iglesias With Bread Rolls

Photo: Wenn

Kate Moss completely lost it when Latino lovely Enrique Iglesias serenaded her during a performance of his classic hit ‘Hero’.

Enrique was performing at the 60th birthday celebration for Topshop boss Sir Philip Green in ­Mexico and decided that, during his performance, it was the perfect moment to pay a compliment to supermodel Kate Moss.

She disagreed.

 How could Kate resist THIS little ditty?

The Mirror has reported that the singer sidled up to her during his performance and that, seconds afterwards, Kate let out an almighty screech:

“Get the f*** away from me!”

The model clearly doesn’t know that Enrique is ­happily settled down with gorgeous tennis star Anna ­Kournikova! He continued to joke around with Kate, telling her that he used to have the biggest crush on her ever… as a kid.

“Kate Moss, I used to have the ­biggest crush on you when I was a kid; be nice. I had your poster on my wall.”

Oooh dear. We bet that little age reminder didn’t go down too well with Ms. Moss. And, if we WERE betting types, we’d have won big.

Kate reacted badly and ­proceeded to throw things at him; she pretty much grabbed everything within reach, from what we can hear, including water, rolls and napkins. All while cackling hysterically:

“She threw the water first, then a few bread rolls and ­napkins. It was highly ­amusing and everybody was ­howling with ­laughter… Her cackle was ­echoing around the room and ­everybody was watching with their mouths open as Kate threw ­whatever she could get her hands on at him.”


This isn’t the first time Kate’s lost her temper; remember when she assaulted Piers Morgan at a party?

Piers Morgan was kicked repeatedly by the enraged model and, unsurprisingly, doesn’t like her all that much:

Kate Moss is utterly horrific. “If people actually knew what she was like they would never, ever be interested in her again.”

Luckily Enrique, unlike Piers, managed to find the funny side of an insane situation. Thank goodness he could go home and cry into the shoulder of his gorgeous girlfriend!

Do you think Kate overreacted? Or did Enrique deserve all he got?