Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy Sparks Betting Frenzy: The Royal Baby Will Be Brunette Called Elizabeth

The news that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant had barely been announced before speculation as to what the child would be called, what it would look like and whether we’ll be welcoming a little princess or prince began hotting up. Bets have already been placed on names, with Elizabeth the favourite for a girl and even the chance of a ginger monarch, following uncle Harry, being bet upon the world has officially gone royal baby mad.

With the Duchess falling pregnant in the Diamond Jubilee year, bookies are predicting it will be Elizabeth III for Kate and Wills’ future monarch. With Ladbrokes giving odds at 8/1 for the child to be named after her great-grandmother. Elizabeth is also Kate’s middle name so is close for both families.

Diana 10/1 and Frances 12/1 the names of William’s mother are also expected to feature if it’s a girl.

For boys, the traditional group of royal names have so far been popular with punters. Philip, one of William’s middle names and the Duke of Edinburgh’s, is at 14/1 while Charles, which is William’s father and his mother’s brother’s name is favourite at 10/1.

But if anyone fancies a long shot bets on ‘Rylan’ after the X Factor reject are on for 1000/1.

Most royals, especially future monarchs are given safe regal names. Both William and his brother Harry, christened Prince Henry, are names from monarchs of the past and while the Duke and Duchess are thoroughly modern royals they’re also respectful of tradition.

But what will the baby look like?

Well judging by Kate and William’s baby photos, they’ll be quite the cutie!

Mocked up photos of the youngster have already been created, with most giving the child dark hair like their mother and her button nose. But let’s hope they don’t inherit William’s early bald patch!